Fun Lego Party in Primary Colors!

Fun Lego Party in Primary Colors!

Check out this awesome Lego Party for a 5-year-old boy using sharp primary colors – red, yellow, green and blue – as the color scheme!  This is so adorable (and eye-catching!), don’t you just love how the colors pop in these photos?

The mom/party planner who put this together did a superb job.  She designed all the party printables herself and tied all the food/snacks into the same color scheme.  The games are really cool too – tower building races, draw your own Lego Man, etc.

For more details on this party and for tons more photos, jump on over to Kara’s Party Ideas at this link.

If you want to have a candy buffet at your Lego Party (or other party with a primary color theme), here are some suggestions:





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