Crazy Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Crazy Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Ok, for real – these photos are just a snippet of all those available on Kara’s Party Ideas for this crazy Mickey Mouse party.  I’m not sure what this party could possible be missing – it’s got everything!  Cake, Candy, Cheerios, Cookies, Mickey shaped bologna and cheese, toast with Mickey’s face in it, Tic Tac Mickey, Rice Crispie Treat Mickey – everything Mickey!  I think they must have had about a bajillion people at this party, there seems to be enough food to feed the whole country.  And clearly there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Classic Mickey Mouse colors are Red, Yellow and Black, so here are some ideas for candy of those colors to incorporate into your Mickey Mouse party.

Photo Credits: Gerson Lopes via Kara’s Party Ideas

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