Preppy Beach Party!

Preppy Beach Party!

One of my favorite party themes of all time is a good ole’ fashioned beach bash.  And I am also a total Benetton and Hilfiger wearing preppy. So when I saw this Preppy Beach Party combo of two of my favorite things on Kara’s Party Ideas, I nearly freaked out.  Why didn’t I think of this idea?  The ever-nautical colors of navy, orange and white really create a striking color scheme.  It’s also super fun to put together decor for this kind of even.  You could ever require that guests were khakis and polos or dress their most preppiest  for a party like this.  I also love that this preppy beach party can be for all ages.  The party from these photos was obviously for small children, but I’m pretty sure that adults would love a skewer of gummy sharks as well, don’t you think?

Here are some cool candy buffet ideas for this beach bash!

Photo Credits: Kara’s Party Ideas

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