Mad Scientist Birthday Party with Candy Experiments!

Mad Scientist Birthday Party with Candy Experiments!

I saw this post on about a super cute and clever Mad Scientist Birthday Party and just had to share.  Look at how much fun this party is for elementary-aged kiddos!  I love the white lab coats and bow tie.  Plus how cute is that kid with his Einstein hair?  Totes adorb.

So this party got me thinking that there has GOT to be some great “experiments” to do with candy at a science-themed party like this. I did a little research and here are a few of my favorites that are sure to be crowd pleasers at your Mad Science Birthday Party (click the link to see how to do the experiment).

War Head Acid Test

Starbursts Oil Test

M&Ms and Skittles for Floating Letters

Mentos for a Coke Bottle Rocket (parental guidance recommended)

And of course, Pop Rocks, for lots of experiments

For more photos, details and resources click this link to and find out, among other things, where to get these awesome printables.

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